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Vacuum Cleaner Repair Shop

There is little more frustrating than an inoperable or smelly vacuum. Bring it into our shop and save money by repairing your vacuum. Many times, you only need something as simple as the belt changed, leaving little reason for you to buy a new vacuum.

Spend less and rely on the experts to bring your vacuum back to life. If your vacuum has seen its end, and the repairs will cost more than a new vacuum, we will let you know. We have a great selection of vacuum cleaners to choose from if this is the case. For a vacuum cleaner repair shop that you can trust, turn to us!

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

We have exceptional vacuum cleaner repair services. We will look at your vacuum to diagnose the problem. Is there a lack of suctioning power? If so, there may be holes in your vacuum’s hose or a broken belt.

If the vacuum shuts off during use, it may be overheating. If your intake hose is clogged, this can cause your vacuum to overheat and turn off due to your vacuum’s protection features. Allow us to find out the problem and offer you a solution at an affordable price.

Sewing Machines

Are you an aspiring cosplayer or an accomplished seamstress? We have the best sewing machines, whether you are a beginner or advanced tailor. You will find all of the highest quality machines at our store. There are brands such as Singer, Janome, and more.

Are you interested in quilting and embroidering? We have sewing machines that can assist with your embroidery projects. You will tailor items that will be the talk of the town! Come check out our selection today!

Sewing Machine Service

Is your sewing machine on the fritz? Our experts will quickly find and sort out the problem so that you can get your beloved machine back to working fantastically! If we can’t get your machine back to proper condition, we have a number of great sewing machines for sale to choose from.

Our sewing machine service is top rated and affordable. From simple problems to advanced problems, we will help you find the answer. Stop dealing with poorly feeding fabrics and breaking sewing needles! Bring your machine in to us for great sewing machine service!

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